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I'm unsure about how a dance shoe should fit. Can you help?

Where do I find sizing information?

What heel heights do you offer for women's shoes?

How often do you restock?

I signed up to be notified, I received notice but the item is now unavailable. What happened?

How are your items made? Where are they made?

Are your products vegan?

How do I care for my Axis Tango items?

Can I collaborate with you on designs?

Authenticity and Warranty


About Axis Tango gift cards

How do I purchase a gift card?

If I use only a portion of my gift card balance on an order, will I forfeit the rest?

I have been issued a gift card but I have lost it. Can you help?

Do you offer discount coupons?

I have a coupon/discount code but forgot to use it. What now?


I'm ordering a pre-order item, when will my card be charged?

I just placed an order. Can I edit it or add another item to it?

I need to change or cancel my order. How can I do that?

Can I place an order over the phone?

Can I pick up an order I placed online?

I'm interested in a sale item. Is the sale price negotiable?

I just missed your sale! Will you honor a new purchase at the sale price?


How much does shipping cost?

I placed a pre-order; when will it ship?

What if I order an in stock item together with a pre-order item?

How long will my order take to process?

How long will shipping take? Is there a tracking number?

Do you ship internationally?

The tracking information says my order was delivered but I haven't received it.

I typed in my address incorrectly and the order was placed. What can be done?

I plan to refuse the delivery of the package...



Does Axis Tango offer returns?

Does Axis Tango offer exchanges?

What is your return policy?

Are pre-orders eligible for returns?

Are custom orders eligible for return?

Non-qualifying returns

I bought an item using a discount code, but it didn't fit. Will I lose the discount if I'd like another item instead?

My return is past 21 days, can I still return?

I found an issue, what do I do?

I purchased an item online, can I return it to one of Axis Tango distributors?

The returns page isn't working for me!

Where should I send my return?

Lost and damaged returns




Do you have your own store?

How can I stay up to date on news, sales and new design releases?

Will you sponsor my Instagram challenge?

Do you offer discounts for dance teachers?

I want to sell Axis Tango items at my studio or store. How do I open up a wholesale account?

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