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January 12, 2016

Once you experience tango bliss it is very hard to forget. Tango Bliss? It’s when you are completely swept away by a tanda/partner/connection and it is a magical experience. It can’t be taught. It can’t be guaranteed. It can’t be created. There is nothing like it. And it is elusive.


But once you experience tango bliss, it’s hard not to chase it—anticipating or seeking it doesn’t make it happen. Trying to replicate the ingredients with the same partner, same dance floor, same shoes.... usually backfires.

So what’s a tango dancer to do?

Let it go and enjoy the fun, imperfect and really, really good dances that come your way. Once in a while that tango bliss will find you, so enjoy and dance on.

Do you have a tango bliss story you’d like to share? Was it a tango with a stranger? Or was it a vals with your longtime partner? Was it under the stars or in an exotic setting? Whatever the circumstances—cherish that incredible feeling and keep on dancing.

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