Cinderella's Dance Shoes

Cinderella’s fairy godmother supplied a fabulous gown, an elegant hairstyle and a seriously cool ride. (That pumpkin shaped carriage was one of a kind.) But the story is all about the shoes. Those glass slippers are what made the look and Cinderella’s big night.

It’s always about the shoes because they transform the rest of an outfit. A stunning pair of stilettos will magically morph staid business clothes into a great Tango outfit and we all know that a gorgeous pair of shoes can do a serious makeover on a pair of jeans.

This is because shoes create characters as they “dance” with clothes. A simple black dress worn with low-heeled pumps is perfect for the office—it’s all business. But wear the same dress with black stilettos and the woman becomes a Siren; with red, strappy sandals, she’s a Diva; with purple suede, she is a fashion-forward Coquette; or with elegant metallic heels, she is an Empress. Same dress each time, but the personality on the dance floor is new.

Some dancers have a closet full of shoes and others have only one, or two, perfect pairs. The numbers don’t create the magic. It’s the pairing of the right shoes with the right dancer. When the shoe fits, the clothes respond.

Shoes don’t make the dancer, but they can make the dancer’s inner Cinderella shine.

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