The Incomparable Comfort of Bandolera Tango Shoes from Italy

Dancing for hours in heels can be an exhausting—even painful—experience. Many dancers assume that swollen feet and an uncomfortable heaviness in their legs is the inevitable price of long night of tango. This discomfort in heels can, with time, develop into more serious conditions such as knee problems, tightening in calves, contractions of tendons, Achilles heels, and foot pain. Bandolera is dedicated to creating shoes designed for comfort on the dance floor tonight and for years to come.

Well made shoes can help prevent the chronic conditions often associated with a lifetime of dancing. From the beginning of the Bandolera Tango Shoes company, innovative functional designs were developed, new materials were incorporated, and professional tango dancers tested the shoes. The precise arch suspension that is the standard in the Bandolera women’s line is designed to support the forefoot and prevent tiring by stimulating circulation. This is key to an enduring love of dance. Bandolera’s research and development continues with the exploration of new, lighter, supple, and increasingly durable materials, as well as new designs that embrace the dancer’s feet for comfort and security. Of course Bandolera never ignored the all-important aesthetics of tango shoes either! From the beginning, elegance and beauty were high priorities. In recent years the company has partnered with fashion professionals to create new styles that are both comfortable and fashion forward.

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