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Sparkle and Shine

Sparkle, shine, twirl, and dance! Joyful leathers, happy combinations, bedazzling light emanating from the delightful creations made just for you! How can you resist? You can't, and neither can the world admiring you in your new glitter shoes. Adorable, chic, elegant, and irresistible!

A2/70 DOROTEA Bandolera Sold Out
A2/70 GINA Bandolera $229.00 USD
A2/90 ADALINA Bandolera $229.00 USD

A2/90 ADALINA - SALE Bandolera Sold Out $229.00 USD
A2/90 DOROTEA Bandolera $229.00 USD
A2/90 GINA Bandolera $229.00 USD

A2/90 GLINDA Bandolera Sold Out
A2/90 LILIANA Bandolera $229.00 USD
A2BCL/90 ESME Bandolera Sold Out


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