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Paoul Dance Shoes

The best of Italian shoemaking expertise, tradition, and design: Paoul. This historical brand has been on the feet of the best dancers the world over since 1967. Limited collections are now available through Axis Tango!
Carlo IX Nero (11F_40TT) $139.00 USD
Charleston Spuntato Acquamarina e Argento (676_80I) $179.00 USD
Charleston Spuntato Nero (615_70R) $129.00 USD
Charleston Spuntato Nero e Argento (676_80I) $179.00 USD
Charleston Spuntato Nocciola e Platino (676_70I) $179.00 USD
Charleston Spuntato Rosso e Nero (131_70/3) $149.00 USD
Pizzo Nero - FINAL SALE $79.00 USD $209.00 USD
Sandalo Acquamarina (681_90/3) $229.00 USD
Sandalo Argento (644_60R) $159.00 USD
Sandalo Azzurro (681_903) $229.00 USD
Sandalo Beige & Bronzo (678_80/3) $179.00 USD
Sandalo Cipria (682_80/3) $199.00 USD
Sandalo Corallo (681_90/3) $229.00 USD
Sandalo Glitter Blu (186_80/3) - FINAL SALE $79.00 USD $149.00 USD
Sandalo Grigio (679_80/3) $169.00 USD
Sandalo Nero e Argento (104_70/3) $149.00 USD
Sandalo Spuntato Fantasia Nero (182_70/3) $169.00 USD
Sandalo Viola (678_80/3) $179.00 USD
Scarpa Lame Blu (137_50C-229) $179.00 USD
Scarpa Lame Carne (137_50C-229) $179.00 USD
Scarpa Lame Rosso (137_50C-229) Sold Out
Scarpa Nera (137_50C) $169.00 USD
Scarpa Nudo (137_50C-229) $169.00 USD
Scarpa Porpora (137_50C-229) $179.00 USD

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