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Bandolera Tango Shoes, Italy

women's and men's dance shoes designed and handcrafted in italy & other european countries
available in United States exclusively through Axis Tango and its network of independent distributors


Bandolera tango shoes from Italy are the professional brand for social dancers. They are elegant, chic and, above all, incredibly comfortable! With luxury materials and glamorous designs, Bandolera rapidly became the most coveted tango label in Europe; now they are conquering North America and the world. The reason is obvious—gorgeous shoes, designed by master craftsmen for a perfect dance-all-night fit. Chosen by the best professional tango artists, this premier line of superior tango shoes for women and men is rightfully considered the pinnacle in tango footwear and now it is available to you!

The. most. perfectly. fitting. pair. of. tango. shoes. ever! ❜  - Leslie, Illinois


Every Bandolera shoe is built to provide support for dancers with a unique cushioned padding that doesn't alter its shape with time. This reduces the stress on tender feet and inspires extravagant praise. Some dancers say, "It's like dancing in socks!" But it is not all just about soft cushioning, padding, and "memory foam" lining. Bandolera shoes for women are renowned for their incredible stability and precise positioning of the heel; you will immediately feel very grounded and on your axis. The variety of heel height options - 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, and 9cm - allows everyone to experience the excellent quality of these exceptional shoes.

Bandolera Tango Shoes company is headquartered in Rimini, Italy. Although they moved the assembly of some of their shoes to Albania a few years  after the exclusive agreement for Axis Tango distribution of their product was reached for United States, in October 2016 they have relocated their entire shoe production back to Italy. Here is an excerpted quote of the public statement made by Bandolera Tango Shoes on October 28, 2016:

"As some of you may already know Bandolera has recently been the subject of a real smear campaign by two competing companies that probably can not attack us in terms of quality, so they did by pointing to the alleged non-Italian character of our shoes. We have already publicly stated that Bandolera Tango Shoes is, in fact, a 100% Italian shoe, even if part of the work had been deployed in Albania. But that's not enough any longer, in fact, as those who know us well know, the at tacks represent a motivation for us to improve. So we thank our detractors because it was thanks to them that we decided to BRING THE WHOLE TANGO-PRODUCTION BACK IN ITALY !!!!! This for us is not a problem, it's just a matter of choice because we are really tired of having to constantly defend against attacks that offend us, the quality of our product and who have the only purpose to undermine our image towards our admirers who, fortunately, however, are so many, in more than 40 countries worldwide, and continue to trust us, entrusting the pleasure of dancing tango to the quality and confort of our shoes."

Axis Tango, the exclusive authorized importer of Bandolera tango shoes to United States, offers Bandolera styles for the confident coquette, the sensuous gamine, the ultimate diva, the sophisticated prima donna, the irreverent sprite, the nuevo fashionista and all the other lovely ladies on the dance floor. We haven't forgotten the gentlemen either! Bandolera shoes are elegant, sensual and so charming you can almost hear them whisper with an Italian accent.

Do the shoes make the dancer? Only Cinderella knows for sure!

women's italian sizes 34-41  •  men's italian sizes 39-47  •  leather soles  •  
suede soles  •  made on request narrow and wide widths


Argentine tango masters Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes; Mariana is wearing Bandolera model Gina in 9cm heel height.



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