Comfort Memory Foam Padding


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Ah, the comfort memory foam padding that everyone wants and can't get enough of! The comfort padding first used with great acclaim by the Italian Bandolera / Tangolera tango shoe brand and now also embraced and expertly provided by Nada Mas and Madame Pivot labels is the ultimate in comfort, contentment, and relief. It truly elevates your tango. So many happy dancers say it is like dancing on clouds! There really is nothing like it, and the experience is addictive. The special 4mm memory foam padding does not change or flatten over time and makes you feel like your dance shoes have wings. 

The 4mm memory foam padding is thin enough that you do not need to adjust your size expectation to a larger size, and meaningful enough to give you a lovely comfort feeling when dancing for hours on end. Our brands who use this very requested feature in their handmade shoe production are professional brands for social dancers, and the comfort padding feature adds a wonderful dimension to your dance experience and enjoyment.


'The padding is amazing and feels as if it envelopes the whole foot. Amazing stability.'

- Dancer, Texas

standard padding

Standard padding is available on Madame Pivot shoes. It is desired when you are looking to dance with speed and accuracy. Combined with suede soles, it is often the favored choice for professional performers who need to execute complex choreography with exacteness and grace. Dancers who favor standard padding speak of being able to "feel the floor" more with a standard, that is, light padding shoe design. 


The good news is that you have a choice! You can decide which cushioning you prefer, standard or comfort. And in fact, you can have both! Use cushion padded high or low heel dance shoes for when you want to dance long hours, feel tiredness in your feet, or simply want to enjoy yourself without worry about foot pain. Have a pair of standard sole shoes when you are doing a dance exhibition or are just ready for a change in how your dance shoes feel and how you dance when you are wearing them. Either way, with our premier Italian and Argentine tango shoes your feet will be expertly cared for and your dance will be elevated. 


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