Axis Tango's Italian tango shoes are made in Tuscany, The Marches, and Veneto regions in Italy. Until a few years ago, every house there had a workshop and each garage had an artisan store. There is love for the handmade products and deep rooted tradition of making beautiful items. The key words echoing in the rooms of our family-owned and operated factories are beauty, quality, and craftsmanship. Each pair of tango shoes is unique and precious. It is the balance between the past and future that guides these skilled artisans, taking care of every small part of the process from the selection of high quality leathers to finishing touches before export to Axis Tango. Nothing is chosen at random, everything is regulated with order and creativity.

Tango shoes are developed in our partner factories from concept to completion. There are many stages in premium dance footwear production; in each there are magical steps that fascinate the observer's eye. So many skillful hands with so much love follow the tango footwear production line. The gestures that are repeated, yet are never the same.


From an idea the shoe last is made from wood, and then the process continues to design. Even one millimeter has its importance in shaping - it will make a difference in the fit, comfort, and stability. From design is born a sample; it translates the idea into reality. The next step is the cutting of the leather. Each factory has its own warehouse full of wonders: various leather colors, in different cuts and finishes, all very precious and of premium quality.

From cutting to the assembly stages, there is always an old master that lends his hand to ensure the tradition and quality is respected and ever present. The last stages of the tango shoe production have evocative and poetic names: skiving, hemming, carding, bonding, marking and interludes.

It is a long journey with patience and attention, waiting for the finished result. Entire stages of production are done by hand, with skill and love, without indulging in the monotony, and always vigilant, careful and passionate. This is the journey of innovators who are in touch with the history, yet with their eyes firmly on the horizon. Masters of their craft who love tango shoes; shoes as a metaphor, as an emblem and as a symbol.

A pair of Axis Tango shoes tells much about the person who is wearing it. And also about the many hands who have made it.

Welcome to our world of BEAUTY, QUALITY, and CRAFTSMANSHIP!


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