In Your Words

We have been doing this for a long time. Naturally, people are talking... And we are happy that they are! Here you can see Axis Tango reviews from some of our clients. We appreciate your feedback and others do too! In addition to providing your comments to us, online reviews are very helpful to others in the dance community.

We are delighted and honored that so many of you are giving us and our handmade, comfortable, and beautiful tango shoes & clothing such high marks. We love sourcing them for you and are thrilled with your reviews.  "Best tango shoes ever!" and "These tango shoes are more comfortable than all the others I own." and "The best of the best!" are just some of the enthusiastic messages we receive. Keep them coming, we read all of them and do a happy dance in our office when we receive them.

Thank you for your business, your support, and your comments!