3 Reasons To Invest In Quality Argentine Tango Shoes

Whether you're a beginner just starting out or a dancer with years of experience, the quality and fit of your dancing shoes will never stop being important. Having a perfect fit and good quality shoes can be the difference between stability and safety while you're dancing and causing an injury in yourself or a dance partner. And if you're anything like us here at Axis Tango, then you never want to stop dancing for any reason. So why is it important to invest in the best quality tango shoes? 

Quality Tango Shoes_ Axis Tango

The materials of your tango shoes matter.

The best quality tango shoes are made of the best materials such as real suede or leather depending on your preference and style. Proper and high quality materials will give you the best control over your feet and body while you're dancing, including the right amount of slip and traction on the dance floor. 

The best quality tango shoes are better for your body.  

Quality shoes will provide better impact and support for your feet and body so that you feel better after a long class or an evening of dancing. Better materials and craftsmanship will provide the amount of support you need for dancing while still being flexible, a delicate balance. The shape of the heel and the fit of the shoe both affect your ability to dance well and quality shoes will maintain both better and for longer. Not to mention, you'll lower your risk of injury with good quality shoes.

Quality tango shoes will last longer.  

Dancing shoes will wear out, it's the nature of a hard-working and beautiful shoe especially if you are using them on regular basis. However, higher quality shoes will take longer to wear out. Spending a little more on the best quality will mean fewer pairs over a longer period of time rather than several pairs of cheaper shoes over a shorter period of time. Ultimately you'll spend more money on cheaper shoes because you'll have to buy them more often and they'll wear out faster while definitely not giving the same benefits as quality shoes do. Quality shoes are also a good option for the environmentally friendly dancers out there, because buying fewer shoes over longer periods of time will leave much less of an impact on the environment. 

So keep up the hard work and remember that your dancing shoes are an investment in your dancing and you'll get out of them everything you put in. Happy dancing!

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