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The Axis Tango Story

When I first walked into a tango class many years ago, I was instantly smitten. With the music, the atmosphere, the friendly people, the possibilities in front of me... But not with the shoes. No, the shoes I saw and wore in my early tango years were most definitely not something to be excited about. The construction, the workmanship, the fit, the materials, and yes, the looks... all blah and meh and oh well. What is a girl to do? Roll up her sleeves and open a tango shoe boutique, of course!

Thus Axis Tango was born. We are a New York-based luxury Argentine Tango & Latin Dance footwear and apparel boutique I founded with Charles Gale. Charles and I met in a tango class and life has been exciting ever since. Our search for comfortable, stylish, high-quality tango and dance shoes for ourselves led us to the creation of the online shop. We started small, learned along the way, and are now in our 12th year of living the tango shoe lover’s dream.

The plan has always been simple: offer the best curated Argentine Tango shoes & apparel collections with attentive service. We are delighted that so many of you choose to wear them in your non-dance lives as well! We carry only the premier shoe brands from Italy, Europe, and Argentina. We value the concept of timeless beauty and well-made objects that last. Our collections are designed to support you - comfortably, without pain, and fashionably - while you dance, walk, party, and dance some more.

Go ahead, be smitten with tango in all its glorious possibilities. And now you can also be smitten with tango shoes! Just like I am, happily, every day.


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