3 Ways to Keep Your Tango Shoes in Shape

There's nothing like your favorite pair of tango shoes. In them, you glide across the floor with ease. They're so comfortable that they make you feel like a star.

The best way to keep shining and dancing is by giving your shoes some love. Keeping them in shape is the best way to stay (securely and comfortably) on your toes. Below are three ways to do just that.

1. Wear Them Only for Dancing

Dance floors are kept purposefully clean so that you can dance without encountering such obstacles as dirt or liquid. That is also the kindest environment on your dance shoes. If you keep them on when you head out into the elements, that's the easiest way to shorten their lives. The leather soles and delicate materials your Italian tango shoes are made of can wear down more quickly when you expose them to the environment. Even a street's uneven surface can impact your tango shoes. But you can avoid that by only wearing them to dance on good floors.

2. Brush Them Periodically

Another way to maintain your tango shoes is to clean them regularly. This involves brushing the soles on a regular basis. This removes dirt and also rejuvenates the nap, which keeps them vibrant. Most men's tango shoes from Italy use buffalo suede soles whereas women's tango shoes use leather soles; the brushing benefits both kinds. 

However, it's best not to do this too often, since excessive or hard brushing of your soles wears the material too quickly. So only do this when you really need to, using a soft brush, after the milonga or a weekend of dancing. 

3. Keep Them Clean

Develop a habit of cleaning and maintaining your tango shoes on a monthly basis. If your shoes have leather uppers, get a dollop of good quality shoe polish or even a hand cream and use a soft cloth to work it into the leather. This buffing process not only cleans your shoes but also conditions the leather.

With satin shoes, or any with fabric uppers, it's a little more challenging. However, gently and moderately misting them with a little bit of water and brushing them does the trick.


Because patent leather is more durable, you can use a gentle glass cleaner to maintain your patent leather tango shoes. Just spray a little of it on a soft cloth and buff away spots. Then get a clean cloth and wipe it across the entire shoe.

Extra Tip: Use a Shoe Bag

Quality shoes usually come with specially designated shoe bags to help you protect and preserve your shoes while not worn. Tango shoe bags are not only colorful and pretty to look at, they are also useful in protecting your shoe investment. After a night of dancing brush and clean you shoes, then slip them into the shoe bag. They will be ready for the next time on the dance floor! 

And there you have it! You can keep handy our more detailed Care Guide. Keep your tango shoes in great shape and enjoy your dances!

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  • Leslie

    Love this, thank you! A few things I hadn’t thought of before!

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