Do You Foxtrot?

What happens when the DJ at a milonga plays a swing, latin or ballroom set? Do you get up and do a foxtrot? Or are you among the tango dancers taking a “break” when the music takes a temporary detour from the tango?

Paul started with swing dancing and happily counts salsa, cajun and zydeco in his repertoire. He mixes tango steps into his swing and blues dancing, and adds swing turns to his tango. “Every dance has it's own sensibility, emotions, culture, crowd. Each brings joy in its own way. Tango is the sexiest dance. And, in part, due to its many forms (tango, waltz, milonga, nuevo) and complexities, it is the most challenging dance. In some moments, and in some moods, dances other than tango will feel just right.”

Lisa is among the many tango dancers beating a hasty retreat when the music changes.

“When non-tango music plays during a milonga I either stand and chat with my partner, just listen to the music because I just love music, or go to the snack table. The likelihood that I find a new dance partner at the snack table is very high.” 

Candy admits to a little confusion, almost walking to the cross the last time she did a foxtrot at a wedding. “Recently I had a funny swing-inspired moment. A whimsical DJ played ‘Bei Mir Bist Du Schon’ and I felt nostalgia for my swing dancing days — even while my excellent partner interpreted the up-tempo classic with tango steps.”

Do YOU foxtrot? And how do you feel about non-tango music at a milonga? Chime in with your comments right here!

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