The ABC's Of A Good Tango Shoe Design

Tangolera Tango shoes from Rimini, Italy are a professional dance brand for social dancers. Not only are the shoes chic and elegant they are incredibly comfortable! Dancing for several hours in heels can be really painful and exhausting on your legs and joints. Tangolera understands the discomfort and swelling you may feel at the end of each dance when wearing inferior or poorly made shoes, and how they can end your evening quite quickly. The brand has done extensive research into the effects dancing in heels has on your spine, legs and feet and the types of issues that can develop over a prolonged period of time. This has allowed Tangolera to develop dance shoes to support your body and keep you in comfort all night long.

Each shoe design is tested and built by extensive discussions and collaborations with professional tango dancers and the materials are luxurious and innovative. Each design has a suspension - a memory foam - that is applied as standard allowing you to dance without straining the forefoot, and promotes and improves circulation. In addition, the position of the heel is calibrated perfectly to support the natural position of your spine and help keeping you on your axis. The "Research & Development" team of the Tangolera brand is constantly working to offer you a superior level of comfort, suppleness, lightness and durability compared to any other product on the market. Chosen by the best professional tango artists, this premier line of tango shoes for women and men is rightfully considered the pinnacle in tango footwear. 

Axis Tango is Tangolera exclusive partner in the United States and the only official distributor through our online boutique and independent distributors network.

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