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Barely There Collection

A little goes a long way. A little color, that is. Caramel nudes, creamy beiges, desert sands, champagne baubles, rosy golds, mauve whispers... these are all the colors of elegance, glamour, and sexy chic attitude. Elongate your leg and confidently declare less is more.
A2/90 JOLANDA Bandolera $229.00 USD
A2BCL/70 FREA Bandolera $239.00 USD
A2BCL/90 FREA Bandolera $239.00 USD

Damfri - White & Nude (8cm) - SALE Nada Mas Sold Out $199.00 USD

Enna CL - Desert Leather (7cm) Bandolera $229.00 USD


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