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Trainers & Flats

Axis Tango private label trainers from Italy and Katrinski tango flats from Buenos Aires are a must-have for your dance shoe collection. 

Asphalt Jungle Sold Out
Au Naturel Sold Out
Francesina Black $179.00 USD
Francesina Grey $179.00 USD
Francesina Red $179.00 USD
Genoa Black - SALE $149.00 USD $189.00 USD
Genoa Brownrose & Wine Sold Out
Genoa Capuccino - SALE $149.00 USD $189.00 USD
Genoa Crocus Sold Out
Genoa Fog & Perla - SALE $149.00 USD $189.00 USD
Genoa Gerbera Sold Out $189.00 USD
Genoa Laser Sold Out $189.00 USD
Genoa Olive - SALE $149.00 USD $189.00 USD
Genoa Passion - SALE $149.00 USD $189.00 USD
Genoa Taupe Sold Out $189.00 USD
Jinx $179.00 USD
Lola Sold Out
Malandra $179.00 USD
Mellyn Sold Out
Nilla Sold Out
Orla Sold Out
Red Lollipop $179.00 USD
Scarpa Lame Blu (137_50C-229) $179.00 USD
Scarpa Lame Carne (137_50C-229) $179.00 USD

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