First Steps

Every tango starts with a welcoming embrace and that lovely pause, when the partners sense each other and connect. Only then does the dancing begin.

Welcome to the Axis Tango blog page. Consider this post to be our open arms, inviting you to join us in an online adventure. We’ll be sharing our tango daydreams, tango fashion tips, tango travel experiences, tango quandaries, tango music, tango aspirations, and all sorts of fun dance related stories. Also news, promotions, and inspirations! We’re inviting you to be our partner and dance along — sharing your comments, questions and ideas about Argentine Tango. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our posts, pass them along to friends and follow as we offer you a variety of subjects to explore and ponder — from where to dine in Buenos Aires to what to pack for a dance marathon. Please send us ideas for blog posts and your tango photos. It’s true that we LOVE shoes and clothes, but we hope to be more than a tango shopping destination. Our goal is to become a tango resource with news about fashion, food, travel, wellness, shows and so much more. 

Please share with friends and dance with us!

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