Loyalty Rewards

We have a tango-mazing rewards program in place and it's super simple to use! Create an account at axistango.com and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the loyalty rewards program.

5% Cash Back on Every Purchase


To get started, simply create a free Axis Tango account!


Start shopping to start earning 5% Axis Tango cash.


Earn 5% Axis Tango cash as a store credit to use on future purchases at axistango.com.

How to apply your store credit reward


Login to your Axis Tango store account and click on the "Store Credit" link in the Account Details section


Login to your Axis Tango store account and open the rewards widget on the lower left corner of the website


Your store credit will apply & the total will adjust accordingly


A free Axis Tango store account is needed to activate & use your store credit loyalty card. You don't need a separate loyalty program login, once you are signed up for Axis Tango account you're enrolled in the loyalty plan.

Make note of your unique loyalty card code number. Your store credit is now saved on one code only and all additions/debits will reflect in its balance. You may want to save the code in your files for safekeeping. But no worries - you can always see your unique code in the rewards widget or store credit link in your account.

If your store credit balance is $0, the loyalty card will be blank. Your loyalty card balance shows when there is something to show :-) If you feel unsure if you should have a balance or not, or feel the amount shown is incorrect, contact us and we'll be glad to review your account.

Yes it can! Please contact us with your gift card code and we'll manually transfer your gift card to your store credit balance.

Store credit doesn't apply automatically in checkout. To use your store credit, you have to manually copy & paste your unique loyalty card code in checkout. If you forget this step and complete your purchase without using your loyalty code, we can't apply store credit retroactively (please don't ask for this, it really can't be done). It will be available for the next time.

Yes, store credit balances expire 12 months from issue. The loyalty program app doesn't send out automatic expiration reminders, so make a reminder in your calendar because expired store credit balances can't be reinstated - no exceptions.

Great news - you won't lose your store credit balance if you make a return! The store credit reward you used on a purchase will be restored to your account when the return is finalized.

Your store credit doesn't have a cash value outside of axistango.com and can't be redeemed for cash or paid out.

Your rewards from the previous points program have been transferred! That's right, you are not losing any rewards in this upgrade. All your points have been recalculated with the equivalent store credit value for your account. You can see your active store credit balance now on your loyalty card (accessible through the widget or your account page).