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"Where did you get your shoes?" will be the question you'll be asked over and over again. Elegant, comfortable, stable with exceptional balance - these are our shoes from premier Italian tango shoes ateliers. Whether you select Bandolera/Tangolera Tango Shoes, Nada Mas or Paoul Dance Shoes designs in 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, or 9cm heel option, you can expect a superb & delightful fit. And many admiring glances everywhere you go!
Abra (A7/80) $229.00 USD
Adalina (A2/70) $229.00 USD
Adalina (A2/90) $229.00 USD
Adamaria (A8B/70) $229.00 USD
Adamaria (A8B/90) $229.00 USD
Agnese (A1CL/90) Sold Out
Aida (A1/60) $229.00 USD
Alabaster (A1/60) $229.00 USD
Alabaster (A1/90) Sold Out
Aleia (A2/70) Sold Out
Alessandra (A3/90) - FINAL SALE from $159.00 USD $229.00 USD
Alfonsina (A1CL/90) $239.00 USD
Alida (A31B/90) $229.00 USD
Amanda (A2/90) $229.00 USD
Amita (A4B/80) $229.00 USD
Amita (A4B/90) $229.00 USD
Anastasia (A1/60) $229.00 USD
Anastasia (A1/70) Sold Out
Anika (A2BCL/90) Sold Out
Anita (A8/70) Sold Out
Anna (A8E/90) $229.00 USD
Ariadna (A2/80) $229.00 USD
Arletta (A1/90) $229.00 USD
Atena (A2BCL/70) $229.00 USD
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