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Bandolera | Tangolera Shoes - Men's Collection

"They are the Rolls Royce of tango shoes!" exclaimed a dancer after receiving a pair of the Italian Bandolera Tango Shoes. They are indeed the pinnacle of tango shoes desire: comfortable, gorgeous, lovingly made, and with amazing fit. 
100 Camoscio Nero Bandolera $179.00 USD
100 Pitoncino Nero Bandolera $179.00 USD

105 Blu Notte Bandolera $179.00 USD

105 Tartaruga Pearl Bandolera $179.00 USD

106 Oxford Blu Brown Bandolera $179.00 USD

200 Nappa Nera Bandolera $169.00 USD

8003 Black Crocodile Bandolera $179.00 USD
Practica Uomo Bandolera $149.00 USD


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