Hot off the presses.... a new way to share how you wear, live with, and love Axis Tango shoes & fashion! You adore your new pair of Bandoleras and have taken a fun photo wearing them. You look amazing in the MissDeseos or RossaSpina dress and can't wait to show it off. You saw a great pair of 2x4 al pie shoes dance by at the milonga and you snapped a photo. Now you can see it featured here! Take a photo of your Axis Tango moment and share it on Instagram with hashtag


Show us how you use your Axis Tango shoes & apparel; where are they taking you to sparkle on the dance floor and off? Your photos may be featured on our Instagram feed and our website! This is a way to inspire, be inspired by, connect with, and cheer on other Axis Tango friends. You will be an important member of the global Axis Tango community, and you will have fun. So go on, snap, share, like.... and enjoy!


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