6cm Heels? Yes Please!

You asked and we listened... Many of you appreciate and love the fashionable & comfortable 9cm heel (that is approx. 3.5 inches). Equally many of you are also interested in lower heels that are feminine, comfortable, and stylish. Bandolera is producing 7cm heel height (approx. 2.7 inches) since the beginning, now they have added a new option for low-heel aficionados: 6cm heel height (that is approx. 2.3 inches)! 


This heel height is only available on order and on a few selected models. Here is a quick lineup of the styles where 6cm heel looks wonderful and can be made for you. You can place an "out of stock" order for 6m heel on the style's product page and have the shoe - and heel!—of your dreams!


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