Dance Your Fears Away!

Does tango dancing terrify you?

Whether you’re naturally shy about getting on the dance floor or love to do your moves in public, there’s something about the word “tango” that sends shivers down the spine. The word conjures images of beautiful couples with incredible physiques doing complicated steps with a precision that looks, well . . . terrifying! Intimidating is a better word -- the feeling that your efforts will never make the grade. If you’d like to calm your fears a bit and open yourself up to learning this beautiful and enchanting dance, it’s all about partnering, practice, and enjoying the benefits!

One thing that might make you feel shy about learning this dance is that it takes two to tango. No worries! If you’re considering tango lessons, find a studio that includes “partnering” in their lesson package. This means that you’ll be partnered with a stranger -- and who better to feel foolish with? The two of you can “lean” on each other for encouragement, honest feedback, and possibly even some planned extra practice or a meet-up at a dance club when the lesson is over. In addition, many teachers encourage frequent partner switching during their lessons, so no partner is necessary for you to plunge head first into this intoxicating dance!

If finding a partner is not an issue, you may want to enroll in a class together, but you can also start to learn how to dance through videos online or for purchase. The single major problem with relying on a video to teach you however, is watching it. As with all things, if you feel shy or intimidated by the tango, a lot of “stuff” will suddenly become much more important than learning about it; you’ll have to find a way to make yourselves “take the first step,” (pun intended). So be honest with yourselves about your own habits, and if you know that clicking the “start” arrow of a video just isn’t going to happen, then opt for the more personal approach of a class or dance club where you and your partner can see the tango in action. And really, what could be more fun than watching people dance the beautiful tango as a way to encourage you to take your first steps? There’s certainly no obligation to join in, and watching others just might be enough inspiration for you to return the next week for another go or sign up for a class near you!

With partnering and practice no longer such intimidating factors, here are three of the amazing benefits of dancing the tango that should dissolve away any remaining fears you might have about this dance form.

  1. Improved and new relationships. The very fact that the tango requires partnering means that you have to open yourself up to being encouraging, honest, and reliable with another person in order to really learn the tango -- and what a great way to form a supportive relationship with someone!
  2. Increased physical fitness. The physical benefits of the tango include cardio health and stronger, more defined muscle groups in your body. Also better coordination and balance!
  3. Increased confidence and self-esteem. Finally, you’ll become more confident as you see yourself learning the tango. The dance form is precise and almost magical, and to master even the most basic steps will be a wonderful affirmation of your open mind and abilities!

So go ahead, conquer your inhibitions and dance your fears away. You'll be glad you did!

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