Dance Nutrition: Ten Easy and Healthy Snacks for Tango Festivals


Tango festivals, while absolutely thrilling, can also be exhausting. Not only are you constantly on the move and dancing, you really don't get a lot of sleep. You need something to help you keep up your energy! Firstly, it is important to stay hydrated all the time. Secondly, it is a great idea to have a few snacks on hand to keep you feeling energized and excited for the fun activities. Here are ten great ideas for your  dance nutrition. 

1. Fruit and nut butter. Slice up some apple or banana and add nut butter of your choice to the container. And bingo! You could even add some dark chocolate morsels! 

2. Energy bites. You can make a big batch when you are at home, pop in your freezer, and then pull them out when needed. Look here for a great recipe.   

3. Trail mix. This is easy-peasy. Mix it up yourself, or pick it up in bulk, and keep it in snack-sized bags to energize you throughout the festival.    

4. Cheese and crackers. Obviously, you'll want to make sure you have a small portable cooler. But if you do, this makes an awesome quick snack to pop in your mouth between dances. 


5. Granola bars. Easy does it. This is an option that you don't have to work for. Just keep a few in your car and they'll be waiting for you when you need them.  

6. Fruit leather. The biggest plus of fruit leather is that it is super portable. You can even keep mini snack packs in your purse and sneak a bite or two during your bathroom breaks.  

 7. Jerky. This, admittedly, isn't the healthiest option. But it does make for a quick and spicy snack to help keep you on your feet.  

8. Healthy chocolate peanut butter bars. Who doesn't like a little dessert that is both delicious and healthy? Find a recipe here. 

9. Dark chocolate with nuts and seeds. Did you know that dark chocolate is actually healthy for you? Pair it with your favorite nut or seed to keep your energy up.  

10. Vegetables. This one is great for everyone. Once again, you would have to keep a small portable cooler with you. But carrots, tomatoes, or cucumber will make the extra effort worth it. Add some hummus for extra energy and flavor.

Before you are done planning for the festival, remember to check out our website! We want to make dancing the best experience in the world for you! 

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