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Medium Heel Collection

You can look and feel fabulous in heels that give you just the right amount of heel height; they are sexy, chic, practical and comfortable! Choose the heel height you like best:
7cm - 70mm - 2.7"   |   8cm - 80mm - 3.1"


A2/70 ELECTRA Bandolera $229.00 USD
A2/70 GINA Bandolera $229.00 USD
A2/70 MARIA Bandolera $229.00 USD

A2/80 ARIADNA Bandolera Sold Out
A2BCL/70 ATENA Bandolera $229.00 USD
A2BCL/70 FREA Bandolera $239.00 USD

Arenella - Cosmo (8cm) Nada Mas Sold Out

Bari - Bordeaux Velvet (8cm) - FINAL SALE Bandolera Sold Out $229.00 USD


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