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Medium Heel Collection

You can look and feel fabulous in heels that give you just the right amount of height - from 2.7" to 3.1"; give them a try, you will love them!
Abra (A7/80) $229.00 USD
Amita (A4B/80) $229.00 USD
Ariadna (A2/80) $229.00 USD
Beata (A8E/80) Sold Out $229.00 USD
Belgrano - Powder & Paillettes (NM/80) $209.00 USD
Camoscio Nero (N1B/80) $169.00 USD
Cassandra (A7/80) - FINAL SALE $169.00 USD $229.00 USD
Charleston Spuntato Acquamarina e Argento (676_100I) $179.00 USD
Charleston Spuntato Nero e Argento (676_80I) $179.00 USD
Cinzia (A11) - FINAL SALE $139.00 USD $229.00 USD
Cuero Nero (N12B/80) $169.00 USD
Edmonda (A1/80) $229.00 USD
Emiliana (A11Bis/80) $239.00 USD
Enia (A11/80) $229.00 USD
Flavia (A13B/80) $239.00 USD
Ghita (B8/80) $229.00 USD
Gisella (A13/80) $229.00 USD
Nanetta (A2/80) - FINAL SALE $189.00 USD $229.00 USD
Nora (A7/80) $229.00 USD
Pamela (A18) Sold Out
Recoleta - Red & Multicolor (NM/80) $189.00 USD
Rivoli - Blue & Paillettes (NM/80) $209.00 USD
Rivoli - Sunny Nude (NM/80) $179.00 USD
Romina (A2/80) $239.00 USD

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Size Guide



XS = 72 cm waist (approx. 28.5"); S = 76 cm waist (approx. 30"); M = 80 cm waist (approx. 31.5"); L = 84 cm waist (approx. 33"); XL = 88 cm waist (approx. 34.5")

      We know online shopping can be tricky for fit and sizing. Here are a our suggestions for a good fit. Please keep in mind that shoe sizing and conversions are approximations. Just as fit can vary across different brands, there are also slight variations for each style in the same brand. If you have questions regarding the fit of a specific style, please  contact us and we will do our best to provide additional information.