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Time to Play

Color, whimsy, creativity, and uniqueness... and a little bit of fun too! There is nothing like Italian tango shoes, and there is nothing like turning the design up a notch to give you a shoe that is imprinted in the memory of everyone who sees it. Che bella!

Bouquet (A2/90) $229.00 USD
Bruna (A1CL/90) Sold Out
Caterina (A12C/90) $239.00 USD
Claudina (A1CL/90) Sold Out
Damiana (A1/90) Sold Out
Debora (A19Bia/90) Sold Out
Delfina (A14) Sold Out
Dulcinea (A19B/90) Sold Out
Edra (A14/70) $229.00 USD
Edra (A14/90) $229.00 USD
Esmeralda (A19Bis/90) $229.00 USD
Fiordalisa (A1CL/90) Sold Out
Gitana Fuxia (A2G/90) Sold Out
Gitana Grigio Perla (A2G/90) Sold Out
Gitana Nera (A2G/90) from $239.00 USD
Gitana Noisette (A2G/90) Sold Out $239.00 USD
Gitana Turchese (A2G/90) Sold Out
Ivory Dots (A19/90) Sold Out
Lolita (A14/70) - SALE Sold Out $229.00 USD
Marta (A14/90) $229.00 USD
Nanetta (A2/80) - FINAL SALE Sold Out $229.00 USD
Olaria (A6/90) Sold Out
Zoe (A19Bis/90) $229.00 USD

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