A tango dancer can accentuate her silhouette with a tango top to match her tango skirt and tango shoes. The stretchable fabric of a good tango top complements well with your movements and assures a pleasant fit. 

    Be attentive about the necklines when you buy a tango top. Check out how much the neckline is going to move when you dance. Try it out before, maybe even wear it for a training class if you are unsure how it is going to work for you on the dancefloor. Neckholder, one-shoulder, and rounded neckline enhance the chic side of the dancer and are popular among tangueras worldwide. We select tops that work well both with or without a bra, and if you decide to wear a bra, cover the bra strap for an uninterrupted line.

    Axis Tango offers offers beautiful tango tops from Coleccion Berlin. All fabrics have been tested for flexibility before they are offered. The tango attire is long-lasting, versatile, and well-made from fabrics produced by top European mills. 

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