Affiliate Program

Whether you’re a social dancer, professional performer, dance teacher, festival organizer, social media master, style blogger, tango addict (aren't we all? ) or just obsessed with gorgeous tango shoes and flirty tango fashion, it’s definitely time to get with the program. Axis Tango Affiliate Program, that is. This is your way to participate in everything you love about tango and shopping with us. As one of our affiliates you'll spread the tango love, one click at a time. And earn a generous commission for yourself!


The perks


  • 10% to 20% commission on all orders made from your Axis Tango Affiliate Program link (average order value $230)

  • 60-day tracking cookie

  • Compelling Images and banners for your use

  • Mobile optimized site

  • We offer Afterpay, allowing customers to buy-now & pay later

  • Exclusive offers for members of the Affiliate Program only

  • Monthly commission payouts to your PayPal account

The Axis Tango Affiliate Program is completely free for you, it requires no financial commitment nor purchase of stock, or selling or shipping activity on your part. We do everything! When you sign up for the program we'll give you a special link you can post on your website, share in a Facebook post, on your blog, include in a tweet, through an add or promotion – however you choose.

You'll earn and be paid a generous commission for every purchase made through your link. Everything is ready to go and designed to make it easy and fast for you. We have partnered with the leading referral program operator to provide you with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission payouts.  

Join now by registering below. Share your affiliate link or add it to your website, blog, social media posts, etc.

It's that easy. Promise.

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What is Axis Tango affiliate program?

Axis Tango Affiliate Program is an automated marketing program where we give you your personalized link to our website and access to specified images called "banners" you can share on your website, social media posts, or emails. Any time a purchase is made as a result of the click-through from your link or banners, you receive a reward in the form of a commission payment to your PayPal account.

Is there a difference between the affiliate program and the VIP rewards program?

An easy way to think about the two programs is this:

Affiliate program is focused on sharing & promoting Axis Tango.  VIP rewards program is focused on collecting & using loyalty points for yourself.


An affiliate program is a way to compensate marketers (affiliates) for purchases that occur as a result of including Axis Tango on their websites, newsletters, announcements, festival signups, etc. Affiliates are compensated via payment to their PayPal account for each sale attributed to their promotion. No points are given.

Affiliates are typically teachers, performers, organizers, bloggers, complimentary brands, or anyone with an online/social media/newsletter presence where they can include Axis Tango promotional information. They may or may not be Axis Tango existing customers.


A rewards program gives loyalty points to customers for purchases they make on Axis Tango website. Loyalty points are exchanged for discounts.

VIP rewards program members are typically existing customers who love Axis Tango products and appreciate loyalty points program.


Yes you can! You can be both an affiliate and a member of the VIP Rewards program. As an affiliate, you can promote Axis Tango and you'll receive a payment via PayPal for each generated sale. As a VIP rewards program member, you will receive points for each purchase you make.


To receive your personal link and access to banners, you need to be registered with Axis Tango affiliate program.  Visit the registration page. This is also the page where you log in to your affiliate dashboard.

How to make referrals

The easiest way to refer clients to Axis Tango website is to share your unique referral link. You can use it on your personal or business website if you have one, or share it on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. To get your affiliate link log in to your affiliate account.

Another option is to share banners, that is images we prepared just for this purpose. To get the banners, log in to your affiliate account and go to page “Banners.” There you can dowload the images to share alongside with your personal link, or get HTML code for webside embeds, etc.

Please note: If your referrals visit directly, without using your personal link or banners to enter our online store, their purchases will not be tracked and credited to you. For you to get credited for referrals and receive commissions for your referrals' purchases, they must enter Axis Tango website through your personal link or banners.

Your affiliate account

Once you are registered as affiliate, you have access to your affiliate account.

  • Homepage/Stats page
  • Profile page
  • Information page
  • Link generator
  • Orders
  • Payments
  • Banners

Here you can see your stats at a glance: the number of visitors you have referred, the orders made by them and their purchases. Due to privacy laws the system will not show you specific details such as referred client's name or the items they purchased; you will see an overview of the orders but without and personal identifying information.

This is where you update your contact information and - very important! - your PayPal information for your commission payouts. Without your PayPal account integration with your affiliate account your commissions can't be paid.

This is where you see your affiliated link and your commission rates you will receive for every referred order.

From this page you can create links to specific pages from the store. Perhaps you would like to refer your contacts to a different page on Axis Tango website instead of the home page? You can do so by copying and pasting that page's URL, then clicking on “Generate” and you will receive an affiliated link .

Note that:
Affiliated Link – can be used/shared on social sites
HTML code – is your affiliated link, but formatted for use in websites/blogs; it can not be shared on social sites.

Here you can see all successful purchases resulting from your referrals.

  • “Referring page” is the page where you shared/placed your affiliated link and the client clicked on it to get to our website.
  • “Landing page” is the page on Axis Tango website where your referral entered our online store.

This is the dashboard for your commission payments.

Here are all the images, i.e. banners, you can use in your promotions/sharing of your personal link. You can

  1. Add them to your website or blog. Click on the green button “Get HTML code” and your HTML code for that banner and your affiliated link will be generated and included in the HTML code. Copy and paste it on your website.
  2. Download them and then use/share them on social media, emails, or newsletters alongside your personal link. If you are sharing the downloaded images you must include your personal link in the post because downloaded images don't have your affiliated link already included. Only HTML coded ones do for use on websites & blogs.