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Nadine / Iridescent Pink
Julia Bianculli
Love these!!

These shoes are more beautiful than I thought they were going to be. They’re really comfortable too!

Becky / Red Rose
Galina O.
Beauty and comfort

This is my first pair of Alagalomi, and I really like them. They fit true to size, very supportive and comfortable. Leather is very soft, they are very light, I wore them for the entire milonga and my feet felt great. Would definitely recommend them!

Asti / Copper
Dominique fry
Love them!

Best tango shoes ever! They fit like gloves on my feet

Game changer

I just received my first pair of Katrinskis...and they will be a game-changer for me. I now have a fun and practical pair that will readily enable me to dance outdoors and indoors without much fuss. And on a personal note, I have an athletic injury in my foot which means that I need to minimize my use of high-heels. So these stylish dancing flats are perfect for keeping me on the dance floor!

D31 / Platinum
Christina Simpson

D31 / Platinum

Catania CL / Black
Sharon Theocharides
Well balanced

The heal is perfectly balanced with my foot to make it easy and natural to move in. The sole is very soft so the bottom of my foot does not get sore. Good purchase. Thanks

Enna / Black Lace
Eliza Sansone
the most comfortable tango shoes ever

I have gone through many dance shoes, tango shoes, cheap, pricey, and none of them were very comfortable. They all looked good, but didn't feel good. These were recommended by several to be the most comfortable tango shoes out there, and they did not disappoint. They are very cushy, and I pivot so well in them. I also feel like my dancing has improved immensely because I can move more easily and gracefully in these shoes. One person I danced with the last few weeks noticed a significant improvement in my dancing, and keeps asking why, and I think the shoes have a lot to do with it.... Thank you Gaia for your recommendation! I look forward to getting more tangoleras!

Oh we are so happy for you! Thank you very much for writing so nicely about your experience, and yes, we agree - good shoes take you good places! :-) Enjoy them and please come back, we'll be happy to help you again.

Wild, Comfy and Fun!!!

These shoes are even more cuter in person. I am happy to see the zebra print in grey versus black. The grey print contrasts nicely with the black patent vegan leather. Shoes are ultra comfy and roomy. I can't believe it.

Thanks for the wonderful review! We're so glad you're enjoying our shoes! And yes, this Fulana design is definitely everything you said - wild, comfy and fun!

My new love

Every time I wear my Fulana's, I dance so freely and love them more and more. My new Fulana booties are my new found love. They are so cute, comfy, and stylish. I receive compliments on all my Fulana shoes. I am a super Fulana addict.

Thank you for your kind words! We're so excited to have our new Fulana booties become your new love too. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Booties / Black
Risa Benson
Dream boots earch

I like a number os the aspects of these boots the pattern on the tongue, the toe detail , the extra laces. I am disappointed in the stiff quality os the sole… It said split sole or so I remember.They are stiffer than I’d like- for dancing both roles, for instance- they are a bit clunky. It requires finding a different way of using the foot for embellishments for instance. I am guessing as they soften I will like them more .That happened with another pair of Fulanas I brought last year

Thank you for your feedback! It's helpful to hear about your experience with split sole, and also that the shoe will soften up with time (that's our experience also). The quality of construction and the leathers will serve well with use. Enjoy your purchase and let us know if we can help you again in the future!

Vicky / Green
Lori Forman

Very chic and fits like a glove. T strap extra support is amazing and live the soft suede. It shapes well to my flat feet and bunion

Disappointing color

This pair is called Rosa and the description when I bought them said the leathers would be blush and pink. They're not pink. They're tan and beige. The only thing pink is the ribbon. I was really disappointed. The shoe quality is excellent otherwise.

Thank for your honest review. We're sorry to hear that the color is not as expected. We make every effort to provide accurate product images as received from manufacturers, but variations in colors can occur because the leathers are natural materials and there can be differences in hues from one batch to another. We understand you're disappointed and want you to be happy so please contact us and we'll work with you to find another pair that you'll love.

Enna CL / Desert
Frederica Bolgouras
Tango Chic

I love these lower heeled Tangolera shoes. They fit perfectly! The color is beautiful and the shoes made in Italy are so beautifully designed. Thank you! I look forward to dancing in them!

Onix - SALE (Size 37)
I love these so much!

So comfortable, even the first time I danced in them! These are my new favorite shoes.

Beautiful and Comfortable

Absolutely love this shoe in all ways!!! Just danced in them for the first time and they fit and feel great. Foot bed very comfortable with good padding.

110 / Acciaio
Michael V.
Great looks and comfort

I thought these shoes looked really nice in Axis Tango's pictures, but they actually look even better in person. Despite the metallic look of the shoe's upper, it is actually really soft leather and has a comfortable fit. This shoe and Tangolera's Brule (105) are the two most comfortable shoes I've bought from Axis Tango. And as they know, I have bought a lot of shoes from them, especially Tangolera shoes. By far my favorite brand.

My facorite shoe

I now have this delightful shoe in 5 colors, two heel-hieghts. couldn't be happier

Love them!

Love the beautiful design. The shoes are very comfortable and wide and high enough in the toe. The sole works well for dancing outside on various surfaces. Very slippery on a wood floor at first.

105 / Mosaic
Neal d.
Worth the Wait

I'm impressed with their custom craft. Had shipped to the States. It's a beautiful shoe. Stitches are fine and tight with no loose threads. Seams are smooth and it flows nicely like it's constructed out of one piece of leather. Opening insert of shoe is elegantly crafted to join the interior material withoutside leather. Should hold nicely with no rips. No blemishes on the leather. The leather must be selectively cut as it perfectly shows floral pattern on top of shoe. Not sure how they got the mosaic pattern but I like it. Hand sketched with a bleach point? I love the leather as it's soft to the touch. It's a sturdy shoe and amazed at how light it is on your feet. I'm a U.S. 8.5 for leather boots makers and the 42 is a perfect fit. Definitely an upgrade for my dancing feet!

Rubi / Rouge
Ileana M.
Beautiful and. Confortable

Took a little too long but Happy with my shoes

D32 / Neutral
I love my new shoes!

These fun beauties fit my foot right out of the box. I can always count on Tangolera sizing to fit my foot. I’ve found my size and now I only buy shoes for dancing and dressy events from you. For dancing, I love the perfectly balanced foot support for dancing through the whole foot.

Thank you for running a business that brings us so many pretty, and functional, shoes! A good tango shoe is a technical work of art!

My second pair of this shoe

I love the style and color of this shoe so much that I bought a second identical pair! The color is versatile and exquisite, the shoe is comfortable and well-balanced and the micro-glitter holds up great! My favorite tango shoe EVER!

Lovely, comfortable, wide

These took FOREVER to come in, but were worth the wait. Luckily, a friend let me try hers on so I knew my size in advance. I've been trying to solve some foot problems while still wearing pretty shoes, and having a wide footbed is very important to me. These check all the boxes for practice/teaching/end of the weekend/cranky feet. Gaia responded very quickly when I noticed the change in size on the website to verify that my pre order was still what I thought it was, and I received a shipping email when they FINALLY made it out. Thank you!

Junto a tu Corazón
Susan Stone

I have been sick, so have not used them yet.
They are beautiful

Nuevo / Black Snake
Darley Coli
Nuevo Black Snake

Unfortunately, the shows are at least 1/2 size too large. They are a very good looking shoe, but will have to try a smaller shoe. I have submitted a return form for review.