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Comfort over function

I bought this shoe for dancing outside in the warm season. While it is well made and very comfortable, it does not pivot well, even on the wooden dance floor. It may be better for other dances than tango.

Marilyn E.
Very pretty shoe

I finally found a practice shoe that works on all surfaces. It is amazing on a dance floor but I love how it performs on pavement, brick, and synthetic surfaces. I feel confident and secure in these shoes and I really appreciate the ability to pivot on any surface.


These shoes are stamped with a beautiful rose gold metallic pattern. The extra strap around the ankle provides lots of stability. The tapered stiletto heel is my favorite. Best of all, there is a good amount of padding in the forefoot so that you can dance all night long in comfort!

La C.
I am pleasantly amazed

I finally wore my new leading shoes last night. I was scared they wouldn't fit or that they would pinch because I have wide feet. They are snug initially when trying them on, but then they start to mold your foot. Last night, I wore them to rehearsal without any issues or pinching. I felt stable, flexible to move and balanced. Made me excited to get into leading. - I just came back to order another pair.

Risa B.
Fulani Gray women’s leader shoe

Sadly l am disappointed as they are very stiff; also they are narrow all around the front foot area - feels like they are not meant to have a foot in them.. l have been trying to stretch them for over a week and l am getting results but it’s slow .. l hope this will solve the problem… l was so looking forward to them and waited a long time for their arrival ( which l know is part of the process / understood..)
The odd silver color is interesting.. that’s a plus
I’m not sure the shape of the heel not the rubber is the best design.. the rubber stops any pivot too quickly , so l need to take extra care not to wrench my knees . If the shoe were more flexible perhaps the heel world be less problematic…
I really didn’t want be to return them as l love the idea of them so l am responsible for some of the present frustration.. thnx

Love, Love, Love these shoes

These Tango Shoes are the most comfortable and attractive pair I own. I’ve wasted a lot of money on other dance shoes that are either too big for my size 5 feet or give me blisters. The price was reasonable too!

Pisa - Black
Angela S.
Elastic ankle strap and comfort I was long looking for!

I searched online for weeks for easy-to-put-on elastic ankle band tango shoes at a moderate height and my size wasn't available anywhere for the Sur shoes I was familiar with. Then I found the link to Axis Tango on the Chicago Dance Supply site and found exactly what I was looking for. They arrived well packaged with a sweet personalized note and they are exactly what I need - quick and easy to put on compared to my old ankle strap tango shoes that I struggle to put on, comfortable, a sufficiently modest height and secure on my feet. I feel more confident dancing and am able to dance all night comfortably! Would definitely recommend and buy again.

Dance all night

These shoes are cushy and made with no wobble! I danced for an hour with them brand new and had only a blister as complaint. The heel height was lower than I’ve ever had but it distributed my weight across the fleshy part of the ball of my foot. An excellent height for classes or anything where standing is a part of the deal.

Scottish Black

This shoe is very beautiful, sizing fits according to what is described on website. Fits like a glove and very stable. I will definitely buy more shoes! I worked with Gaia and she was very helpful.

Enna CL - Desert
Love these shoes! Thank you!

Love these shoes! Thank you!

Mr. Pivot dance sneaker shoes - Size 44

A great pair of shoes. Very comfortable and well padded.

Rallies beige

I love the shoes: so comfortable and elegant, I can dance all night now

Pisa - Black
Gorgeous and NO Fidgeting Anymore with Straps!

These beautiful shoes are so light weight and gently hug my foot. They are comfortable and so easy to slip on and the sizing was perfect. This is an elegant shoe with silver detailing along the heel and even in the inside edging on the sole of the shoe. I am delighted with my purchase and will toss my leather strap hole puncher!

Beautiful Shoes!

These are wonderful shoes. They are so elegant and go with most tango outfits. I have received several compliments on these shoes. Tangolero Brand fit my feet well. I have a bunion on my left foot and this brand and style work well. This is my 2nd pair of this pattern, black lace, and I'm still using my 1st pair. These will last a long time.

Love my shoes

Have several of these, but the shiny red patent is new for me. Wore them dancing and they are comfy.

Tango happy

These shoes are very beautiful and comfortable. The straps are a little short but other than that very lovely

Cannot recommend

These shoes are so beautiful to look at, but the quality just isn’t there. There is visible glue along the soles, heel, and seams. Just unlacing the shoe to try it on, the side of the shoe near the ankle (both the outer suede and the inner leather) tore and split. On the back of the heels where the seams are, there are two odd bulges that stick out halfway up the back of your heel like little pyramids - this is just poor craftsmanship. Overall, the shoes are stiff yet also flimsy, and nowhere near the quality of my favorite Tangolera women’s flats for leading, which feel like butter and are worth the price.

Frontera - Beige
Gillian G.

I've received so many compliments on these shoes. I bought them for practice, but they are stylish enough to wear to a milonga. The size runs a bit tight/small. If you want to wear a think ankle/hidden sock with these, I'd recommend sizing up. The suede toe does spread a bit and while the toe box felt a bit tight on the first wear, it's already stretched some and I think it will fit my foot like a glove with a few more wears. The quality of the leathers and shoe construction is great and the heel is very comfortable. There is less cushioning than the DNI Rocio practice shoe (which is a similar style but made with more practice sneaker than dress shoe). The DNI Rocio is a bit more comfortable due to the materials and extra cushion, but these are also comfy and so very classy. I'm tempted to order a second pair with a leather sole to wear as a fashion shoe off the dance floor.

Love my new shoes

When I read the reviews for this shoe, I was hoping they would fit me as I have a wide fit and have been having trouble with my toes and some neuroma. I also have had a knee injury so I can't wear very high heels. Since I had been practicing in my very old worn in dance runners, it took me a couple of weeks to get used to the heel and the snug fit. These shoes are gorgeous and I feel like I am dancing so much better. They fit perfectly and my toes feel better than in my loose runners. I love these and plan on wearing them at milongas if they ever start up again where we are. I would definitely get another pair.

Amazing Shoes

Ordered shoes July 2020, and they remained in box during COVID-19 restrictions until June 2021, except for trying them for fit when they arrived. Have been wearing shoes for classes, practica and finally last week to a Milonga. The craftsmanship and leather quality is excellent. They fit as specified and feel like custom made gloves. Their performance is outstanding whereas mine improves.

1018 - Beige Patent
Jacquie R.
Improved comfort, subtle beauty

These Comme Il Faut have comfortable padding under the metatarsals. I found these definitely improved in comfort compared to my older closed heel CIF. I found these shoes comfortable in general, the fit was generous. I returned these shoes because they were not the color I expected , but also because I wondered if the heel strap and t-strap would be secure enough on my foot while pivoting. I didn’t try pivoting in these shoes and have never danced in t-strap shoes, I simply had a doubt in my mind while trying these on.. The color of these shoes is beige, but is different from what is shown here. An internet search for Comme Il Faut Charol Beige will yield a photo that shows the right color. I think any dancer who is looking for a neutral colored shoe, who likes the fit of CIF and feels secure in a t-strap model would appreciate the improved comfort and subtle beauty of these shoes. As a side note: With this order I had also ordered a pair of Madame Pivot 80mm. The difference in actual heel height between the brands was astounding. Apparently heel heights are determined differently from brand to brand! Madame Pivot’s 80mm was very close to the same height as my Tangolera 70mm, whereas these CIF 80mm appeared to be very nearly , if not the same height as Tangolera 90mm.

Lovely shoes

These shoes are really lovely! Surprisingly Madame Pivot’s 80mm heel appeared to me to be about the same height as Tangolara’s 70mm heel. I expected these shoes to fit a little bit more generous than a Tangolera of the same size and width, but unfortunately I found this medium width Madame Pivot “Daisy” size 37 too tight around the metatarsals. I am comfortable in medium wide Tangoleras. I had previously tried another model MP in medium width and it fit comfortably and much wider than this pair of Daisy, so perhaps width varies amongst the MP models ? I worried about how the beautiful glitter leather would stretch (if I were to use stretchers), so I reluctantly returned these shoes. They are very beautiful! They are neutral in color with a bit of glamour.

A stunning looking pair!

They make you feel like Cinderella when you put them on! A very stylish braid detail creates an additional elegance.
My only concern - comfort. They are not for marathon dancing. My feet get tired after 6-7 tandas.

A must have tango classic!

They go with anything "tango", color and style wise. Super comfortable too.

Not an easily forgettable color

I got them for a fun sake and for the fresh new color to try. They fit the bill. Giving 4 instead of 5 stars only because they are challenging to dance in all night long for me due to the heel height.