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Absolutely stunning shoe

This is my first pair of Tangolera. I got the 7cm heel. This shoe is absolutely stunning. Classic and modern at the same time. The gold ankle strap takes the classic little black shoe to the glamorous next level. I have always worn medium width shoes and wasn’t sure how these would fit. The right shoe was tight. I decided to take a chance and keep them since they are leather and i hoped they would ease as i wore them. That did in fact happen and i am happy with these beautiful Tangolera shoes. The soles are perfect for pivots. The padding is just enough to add some degree of comfort to the ball of the foot. I was concerned about the open back, but these are exceptionally stable! I would say they feel as stable as any closed back shoe i have. I think the double strap on the back of this shoe helps the stability, as well as great heel placement.

Gaia was extremely helpful on the phone. These were in stock and i got them primarily because the Cristal shoes i ordered were not in stock and i needed a pair i could use right away. The shipping for these in stock Scottish Tangoleras could not have been faster!

I will return to Axis Tango because of the expert professional and personalized, the return policy, and the stunning shoes!

Thank you Gaia for your advice and help!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! It means everything to us that you took the time to write about your experience, we appreciate it (and you) very much! We are delighted when our clients feel the same about our shoes as we do. We are so happy you are happy! Enjoy your new goodies

Pisa - Caramel
Deborah P.

These shoes are so comfortable-- I've been recommending them to everyone.

Please make them in black (with the higher heel) - I will for sure buy them!

Oh, so happy to hear you are happy! Thank you so much for your recommendations, much appreciated! P.S. There is already a black version of this shoe with the higher heel, see here:

Love them!!! So beautiful & so comfortable.

Bye bye tired feet

So comfy and pretty on the feet. I still prefer a close back cage versus a sling back, but the wrap strap does help keep the shoe secure while you dance.

Happy tango dancer

These shoes were beautiful as well as comfortable right out of the box. The fit was perfect for my wider foot. Delivery was quick and service great as always.

Beautiful shoes!

This is my 3rd pair of dance shoes from Axis Tango. I had been looking for a Bordeaux colored shoe to match the accent on my partner's shoes for several months. I was so pleased to find these - they are gorgeous and almost a perfect match! This is my first pair with the ankle strap, and while I don't find it particularly comfortable, I'll live with it because they are so, so pretty! Thank you!

Thank you Jennifer for letting us know how you like your new shoes! So glad to hear that they are working for you. It's nice to have matching shoes with your partner, isn't it!

adorable and comfortable

These shoes are exactly what I needed. I'm wearing them in classes and during the practicas at a festival, and they're holding up really well, even after hours of dancing. The straps are comfortable, and I haven't gotten any blisters!

Mez, we are so happy you are happy! Thank you for a wonderful review and feedback. Enjoy your shoes! And here's to no blisters days forever!

Fit Differently

I have these same shoes in the Tan color, and the black ones unfortunately don't quite fit the same. They feel slightly too large. Sadly, I hardly wear them.

Hi Lenore, thank you for letting us know about your experience. We have an easy return policy so please contact our office and we'll be glad to help you.

Had to stretch out the toe box, luckily it was easy

I have wide feet but the toe box did stretch easily to fit my foot. The base was very comfortable and the actual toe box will be very soon. Good purchase.

Thank you Sharon for a helpful review, I'm glad to hear that you found a way to get a comfortable fit. Enjoy your new shoes!

Lead & Follow

So beautiful so comfortable! Love it!!

We love it that you love it! Thank you for a lovely review, enjoy your new shoes!

feminine flat

Very comfortable! 'Can spend more time on the dance floor in this pretty sandal.

Love this Catania shoe!

I bought the black a few months ago and then this new pair in bronze, a lovely neutral. I have super problematic feet -- on the wide side, with bunions. The elastic strap attachment and cushy padding make these shoes amazingly comfortable. They are still flexible enough to allow full foot articulation. I cannot recommend these shoes highly enough for dancers with bunions. Love, love, love them!

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! We are delighted you are pleased with your purchase. Have fun dancing in your new goodies!

Beautiful shoes

These shoes are gorgeous. I wore them to a 2 hour class earlier this week and my feet melted into them. Everyone wanted to know where I bought them!!

Siena B - Black
Cecily E.

Gorgeous pair!
Thank you!


My legs look hot in them. Now I just have to learn how to dance tango.

Moneda de Cobre
Alicia A.

Love the shoes. The toe box is not super comfortable, but I think it'll wear in. They are the prettiest shoes and dance shoes I own. I can't wait to wear them at my wedding!


So beautifully made!! I love wearing them!!

Love them!! Worth the wait.

They are elegant, well made, comfortable from the first time I put them on and danced in them, a neutral color that will match anything.

Absolutely gorgeous

Love every aspect of this model


I am disappointed in these shoes.. the photo of them showed zero iridescence - even though there were 2 photos where their rather extreme shine could have been indicated.
I have had other Madame Pivot shoes ( heels) and love them .. These have some n that are too stiff / and the front of the shoes is useless as my toes of course don’t use that part .. l waited for months so it was really hard to return them / so l hope they will soften up ..

Hi Risa, thank you for your review and we're sorry you are disappointed with your shoes. We certainly want you to be happy with your purchase! If you haven't used them yet and would like to return them, please contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

Enna - Green Gold
Deborah D.
I danced all night!

I bought these to wear to a wedding! They made me feel beautiful and I danced to my heart’s delight. My foot is just a bit on the wide side with a small bunion and I was comfortable the whole time. Highly recommended!


I am so beyond impressed! Not only are my shoes the perfect fit, insanely comfortable, and beautiful, the customer service is unmatched. I called asking many questions as a first time buyer and each question was met with kindness and immense knowledge. They also went out of their way to add the size I needed to their order so I could get my shoes sooner. I already want another pair and it’s been less than a month of wearing them. I will never wear another brand or order from another company. I didn’t even have to break them in, they fit beautifully and don’t make my feet hurt.

For wider feet

I am really happy with this wider style, since I have both wider feet and bunions. I've only danced in them once, but they were super comfortable right out of the box with no break-in necessary. I love this strap style that can be buckled under the instep or around the ankle. A well-balanced, elegant shoe! I'm very pleased and glad I took a chance on the wider footbed.

Elegant, And Comfortable!

I was so excited to open the box of my first pair of tango shoes. They are beautiful and surprisingly very comfortable. Thank you so much!


These shoes look and feel amazing!