Size and Fit Guide

Axis Tango - Size and Fit Guide


We know online shopping can be tricky for fit and sizing. Here are a few suggestions for a happy experience. Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us. We'll help you find the right size or suggest a custom order solution. 

  • The fit of your shoes for dancing should be comfortably and pleasantly snug. Our shoes are made of best quality materials and will conform to your foot as you dance in them. Shoes made of suede will relax to your feet the soonest, then leather, then patent leather and satin, fabric, or man-made material.
  • The sizing charts are provided as guidelines. They will give you an approximate idea of size conversions for the women's and men's shoes in our collections. Of course, you best know your body and comfort expectations; always select a shoe that fits pleasantly snug—use the size label only as a guideline, not as the final arbiter of your selection. When in doubt, please contact us and we will assist you.  


    What is a forma? Also known as "last", it is the basis for the women's and men's shoe shape. Many different designs and styles are made from one forma. The forma determines the angle of the heel, the width of the toe box, and the general feel & fit of the shoe. Get to know the forma that fits you best, and you'll be able to find more designs that fit similarly.
    We work with three basic formas and list them in the shoe's description—slim, medium, or generous.  

    Heel Height

    We are often asked how to measure heel heights on women's shoes. The good news is that we do it exactly the way most people think it is done. We measure from the middle of the top of the heel at the back of the shoe through to the top of the heel cap. The heel cap is usually about 0.25cm, in addition to the height of the heel. Unlike many other tango shoe brands, Bandolera offers design variations in 4 heel heights—6cm, 7cm, 8cm, and 9cm (most models are produced in 7cm and 9cm heel heights, only a few are available in 6cm or 8cm). When you see your dream shoe, you can have it made with just the perfect heel height for you. This way you won't have to resort to a risky, expensive, and unadvisable practice of trying to shorten heels by a cobbler after the sale.
    It is worth mentioning that the heel heights aren't always exact. Heel height can depend on what size shoe you are wearing, who has made your shoes, what last was used, etc. If you find yourself with an issue with heel height and you have questions about it, please contact us. We are always glad to help!


    Our apparel is made in very small runs and designed & produced by hand. That means every garment is slightly different from the other, and no two will look or fit exactly the same. The measurements below are only suggestions and approximations.

    • XS = 72 cm waist (approx. 28.5")
    • S = 76 cm waist (approx. 30")
    • M = 80 cm waist (approx. 31.5") 
    • L = 84 cm waist (approx. 33") 
    • XL = 88 cm waist (approx. 34.5")